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Playgrounds have never been more important for communities where modern families struggle to balance screen time with the outdoor, physical and imaginative play that kids need. Based on millions of minutes of play from thousands of communities across the country, this report provides a perspective on modern play that has never before been available.

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What's InsideAbout Us

What's Inside

Read the first wave of never-before-seen insights from playgrounds across North America, broken down into:

  • Fitness & activity metrics based on World Health Organization methodologies

  • National municipal trends featuring crime, obesity and census data

  • City-specific measurements from the largest metropolis to the smallest town

  • Data-driven case studies on key research topics

Broken down into easy-to-understand format with infographics, tables, and fun factoids about modern play that you may not have known.

"The Biba folks have been able to measure the use of playgrounds through their software, which provides unique information about playground use that no one else has yet been able to capture."

Dr. Deborah Cohen

Senior Physician Policy Researcher, RAND Corporation

About Us

Biba, one of Fast Company magazine’s Most Innovative Companies of 2019, is getting kids off the couch and back outside with imaginative, inclusive, physical, and digital play. Worldwide, more than 4,000 sites in 1,000 communities of all shapes, sizes, and descriptions have been fitted with Biba's smart playground system, giving us unparalleled insights into today’s world of play.

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